Aire Redtree aka Ari Rothbaum, Project Director leads the Beats for Peace team to achieve its project goals in alignment with the Beats for Peace vision and mission. Ms. Redtree has nearly two decades experience in the music industry, hosting unique fundraising events and in  providing financial management solutions.

As Executive Marketing Consultant, Cari Jacobs is leading top market strategies for Beats for Peace projects. Ms. Jacobs offers deep insight of having worked with brands such as Toyota, Procter & Gamble, Gap, and Salesforce. Not only does Ms. Jacobs have a history of leading projects with great brands, she also gives back via her non-profit Mother Miracle who helps children in India.

Sylvie Barnett, Artists Liaison brings experience in Music Business Management as a booking agent and artist manager in the music industry. Ms. Barnett has facilitated and managed countless music festivals. She has a degree in communications and an MA in Music Business Administration.

Michael Gosney, Event Consultant. Mr. Gosney brings decades of leadership in creative experience in business development, media and event production, creative directing, and authoring. He is an absolute guru and genesis of the desktop publishing, multimedia, online music and e-publishing fields. He is also involved in sustainable communities as a board member of Paolo Soleri's Arcosanti eco-city in Arizona, and co-founder of the Green Century Institute in San Francisco.

Our team members represent experienced and seasoned visionaries including music industry and top influencers of peace and equality. We are excited to offer interesting individuals with remarkable career and life-paths.

They are summarized as follows:

Aire Redtree 

CEO & Project Director

Jolene Valentine

Secretary & Social Media

Jam Moatzart

Brand Ambassador

Michael Gosney

Event Consultant

Cari Jacobs

Marketing Consultant

Alan Johnson

VFX & Video Editor

Sylvie Barnet

PR & Artists Liaison


Adrian Oneiga


The Beats for Peace Project

"Music with a Message"

Core Team

Together Aire Redtree and her star team are poised to kick-off amazing events that bring forth equality in the music business and beyond. Together, we believe equality and World Peace is possible!

Aire Redtree, CEO

Project Director

Cari Jacobs,

Marketing Consultant

Michael Gosney,

Event Consultant