The Beats for Peace Project

"Music with a Message"

Since 1999, Aire Redtree, has produced nearly 100 benefit gatherings throughout both Northern and Southern California, each one to help raise funds and awareness for select charities that focus on humanitarian causes.  The events vary from city to city and are very diverse in nature. The first gathering produced in 1999 was titled, “Save the Trees” and was an outdoor gathering that had 10 DJs and was a benefit for the Rainforest Action Network. The second gathering was titled, “Save the People” and was a benefit for the Union Rescue Mission and was held at a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles and also had 10 DJs, 2 areas of sound, and approximately 300 attendees.

In 2001, Aire Redtree conceptualized the phrase “Beats for Peace” and began producing events titled “Beats for Peace” which was a monthly series of events that varied from location to location, each one benefiting a different charity. The very first Beats for Peace in 2001 was a hip-hop show held at a venue in Venice Beach, Ca that featured some of the most well known hip-hop acts coming out of Los Angeles, including members of Freestyle Fellowship such as Aceyalone, Mykah 9, and Abstract Rude, most commonly known for their participation in the weekly open-mic event held in South Central LA, called “Project Blowed” . The “Beats for Peace” monthly gatherings would draw small crowds from between 200 to 500 people, and each unique event would be held at a different venue, and would benefit, and raise awareness of a different charity organization. Some of the charity organizations that benefitted from the “Beats for Peace” events were the Burma Humanitarian Mission, The LA Union Rescue Mission Homeless Shelter, Rainforest Action Network, and California Peace Action, to name a few.  Each event had a varied line-up of talent, and would draw different size crowds depending on the venue, location, and style of music that was being showcased. The various genres of music featured at a “Beats for Peace” event would vary from folk music, to conscious hip-hop, to an assortment of different styles of electronic music such as house, drum and bass, jungle, techno, trance, and more.

In addition to the “Beats for Peace” monthly gatherings, Aire Redtree also hosted an annual event for 4 years in a row called, “Earth Day’s Eve” that drew an average of  500 attendees, and featured an average of 100 djs over a 48 hour period, having 3 different sound systems running at various times. These gatherings featured a variety of styles of music, primarily, electronic music, and in 2001, the “Earth Day’s Eve” gathering had the infamous Bassnectar listed as their Headliner, on their roster of over 100 artists that all played for FREE.  Each “Earth Day’s Eve” gathering featured between 10 and 50 Environmental Organizations, and the focus of “Earth Day’s Eve” was to form an alliance of charity organizations, activists, musicians, and music lovers, to come together, and unite for a common cause, in the spirit of  Earth Day, and to spread environmental awareness. Every single DJ, live musician, and performer agreed to play for free at every one of Aire Redtree’s events, and agreed to donate their time and their talent, with the intention of contributing to the cause. 100% of every dollar raised would be donated to the select charities that were being featured at each annual gathering.

In 2008, Aire Redtree migrated from Southern California to the Bay Area, and continued to host a series of unique events under the DBA HER Music, including, “Beats for Peace”, “Who’s Yer Mama”, “Alchemystik” and “Loveseed”.

The “Beats for Peace” events were typically held at underground venues in the East Bay, and some clubs in San Francisco, including the legendary “Bordello” which was known as a Grateful Dead after party spot in the 70’s, and 80’s. Hosting both“Beats for Peace” and “Who’s Yer Mama” monthly events at the legendary Bordello in the Jack London Square district of Oakland, helped Aire Redtree become infamous as a “Conscious Underground Party Promoter” in the Bay Area. These events helped spread awareness and influence other party promoters to “go green”, stop using flyers to promote events, focus solely on digital marketing to host events, and adopt more sustainable practices in the underground dance music community. The bordello re-emerged as a hot spot for weekend gatherings and drew dozens of promoters to the Bordello, driving a large amount of revenue to the venue for years to come.

In 2011, Aire Redtree produced her two largest events as an event promoter. “Alchemystik” and “Loveseed”. “Alchemystik” was held at the nightclub “Public Works” in San Francisco and featured a pop up art gallery of 35 of some of the world’s leading Visionary Artists, in addition to three rooms of music and visuals, featuring some of the top talented  DJS and Live Performers in the electronic dance music community in the  Bay Area and beyond such as Ill.Gates, Mochipet, Hopscotch, Roman Villagrana, Carey Thompson, Ka,  and many more. The event was produced solely as a publicity stunt to draw attention to the festival called “Alchemeyez” that was held in March at the Hilton in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. “Alchemystik” drew over 800 attendees and reached nearly 30,000 invites on facebook alone. 

Also in 2011, Aire Redtree produced her first “micro-festival” as a “green alternative” to Burningman called “Loveseed”, when the 70,000 person festival sold out for the first time in history. After thousands were displaced when burningman was finally forced to put a cap on their ticket sales, HER Music stepped up to provide an alternative gathering for those that were unable to attend the Burningman Festival. In just 3 short weeks, Aire pulled together a Production Crew of 40 plus members, and a hosted a successful  three  day gathering with four sound stages, featuring 150 DJs and live performers, including the infamous Lucent Dossier, vaudeville circus. Headliners featured Ill Gates, Mochipet, R/D, Mykah 9, the Luminaries, and many more.