The Beats for Peace Project

"Music with a Message"


Founder of The Beats for Peace Project, Aire Redtree will oversee operations. All operations will take place in Oakland, CA at the Beats for Peace main office with the support from established partners.  The Beats for Peace Project’s Board of Directors is the de facto Board for Beats for Peace and all of it’s operations.  Beats for Peace also takes care of all accounting and legal guidance through an outside non-profit management company.  Aire Redtree’s experience as an activist and leader includes; San Diego’s Street Team Leader for Rock the Vote, Director for numerous Political Campaigns for Bay Area Petitions and Taylor Petition Management, Progressive Campaigns and EDH and Associates demonstrating her leadership skills, in addition to having worked for numerous Non-Profits such as Greenpeace, Sierra Club, The Human Rights Campaign, and California Peace Action.

She has extensive marketing experience, having worked as a Marketing Director for a small financial planning firm in Oakland, helping them launch a “Green Campaign” for socially responsible investing, and has set up “green paperless offices” wherever she goes. Aire Redtree has over 20 years experience both studying and working in the Music Industry as well. She's worked at Capitol Records in the College Radio Promotion Department as an intern, and also as the Assistant to the Head of Business and Legal Affairs for Revolution Records, a Warner Brothers subsidiary label. Additionally, Aire Redtree has co-founded two independent record labels, a production company, and a charity organization, all of which are still in existence today. She also brings a decade of experience as a top producer in both the Solar and Mortgage Industries. As a top sales professional, she has amassed a proven track record, with a substantial referral base, and a phenomenal reputation in all of her fields. For references, please visit her LinkedIn profile to review her 150+ endorsements from her peers, or ask her for personal reference letters which can be furnished upon request.