The Beats for Peace Project

"Music with a Message"


The Beats for Peace Proejct aims to create sustainable business practices within the Music and Entertainment Industries, by introducing a better way of doing business than the current model. It's sole purpose is to provide the highest quality of music and art to entertain the world in a way that will benefit everyone, and not just a few.

The objective of The Beats for Peace Project is to create a sustainable business model that feeds both starving artists, and starving people where everyone contributes equally, and everyone benefits equally, and the abundance generated from the charitable activities will uplift all of humanity. 

Maintaining the integrity of its vision, The Project is poised to launch a series of benefit album "Box Sets" in correlation with "The Annual Global Gratitude Event".  The proceeds will support many needed projects both locally and globally, as well as promote artists with a positive message. 

The ultimate goal of "The Beats for Peace Project" is to spread “Music with a Message” to the masses while manifesting “World Peace through Music”.  Beats for Peace intends to implement a new way of doing business within the Music and Entertainment Industries, in which everyone benefits equally. An alternative way of doing “business as usual”, Beats for Peace introduces the “Fair-Trade Non-Profit Model” of distribution of sales and revenue, to benefit all participants equally. Additionally, by making an equal contribution to those in need, and by giving back a "fair-share" of what is generated to charity, all beings may reap the rewards of the success of the project, and not just an elite few.